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Fed up of eating the same old restricted and flavourless food? Done with fad diets and being shamed into pointless point counting?
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Fine dieting is the revolutionary total plan to help you eat what you enjoy and lose weight. Individually tailored to you and with hundreds of delicious recipes, fine dieting features intelligent food swaps and the ability to bank calories to give you maximum flexibility in choosing what you eat and when, so you can enjoy your food and your social life and still lose weight. Join the fine diet revolution. Get the plan now

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Courgette Lasagne

This lovely lasagne is packed full of fresh flavours and is so easy to put together, there is no real method to how to layer up a lasagne so feel free to add the ingredients as you like.

French Toast

Who would have thought it? French toast on a diet! This one is low in sugar and packed full of fibre, a real treat any day of the week.

Asian Fishcakes

When planning your week, make sure you put these on the menu. They are so easy to throw together and taste amazing.


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We share motivational stories, tips for tasty recipe swaps and the thing we love the most, your progress pics that show the plan working!

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