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How is the Fine Diet tailored to me?

The plan is tailored in so many ways, too many to mention, but that’s what we pride ourselves on.


After completing your questionnaire, we then work with you to discover your maintenance calories so that we can then ensure you eat the exact amount to lose weight without going hungry.


All you need to do is eat delicious food, do whatever exercise you like, or none at all, and trust in the process.


During the first 3 weeks, the training and success areas aren't available, allowing us to focus just on understanding your maintenance calories. This is further assisted by using a limited range of meals, which allows us to understand exactly how your body reacts. This means, after the first 3 weeks, we can move you on to the main plan with it's enormous range of meals, safe in the knowledge you will be smashing your goals in no time.


We use a complex enrolment process, which takes away all the hard work from you and factors in over 50 variables. To name a few:


  • Dieting preference i.e. vegan, pescatarian etc.

  • Appetite

  • Dieting history

  • Exercise preference

  • Overall lifestyle

  • Relationship with food

  • Allergies

As well as all the complex bits involved with understanding your metabolism and, therefore, the calories you need to lose weight.


There are no set structures, no must do’s, when we say we tailor a diet, we make sure it’s just that, ONLY what you enjoy and ONLY what you want.

How do the recipes work with food allergies?

We take food allergies very seriously. We wanted to not only give anyone with ANY allergy the ability to be part of the Fine Diet, but to make the process extremely adaptive and simple.


Every recipe comes with a SWAPS feature, which allows you to click on any ingredient i.e. nuts and replace it with an appropriate substitute. At the click of a button this is done, and the calories and measurements are taken care of in an instant for you.


Check out the feature here http://www.finedieting.com/recipes.html and scroll down the page.

Is the Fine Diet suitable for vegans/vegetarians?

Of course, we love vegan and vegetarian food and, therefore, created a plan with hundreds of delicious recipes for you to enjoy. Not only that, you get loads of new ones every month.

Can I eat out and drink on the Fine Diet?

Yes, and we encourage it, remember, #itsfine.


This is one of the main reasons for creating the Fine Diet. We wanted to support anyone and embrace the fact that you can eat anything you like, whenever you like. There is no such thing as “off plan” with Fine Dieting as everything is allowed, even alcohol.


Once we have calculated your calories we achieve this by allowing you to enter in any food, quickly list the calories and then we auto adjust all your meals and calories for you.


The #itsfine feature allows you to therefore plan ahead for the weekend and be impulsive in the moment.


No guilt, no worry, only results.


It’s so important to understand a successful diet is all about balance, enjoying life and being social. There is absolutely ZERO restriction with what you do and how you eat or drink.

What we mean by "Adaptive Calories"...

The Fine Diet allows for real time calorie recalculations, based on what you do each and every day.


This pioneering technology means that, should you decide to not exercise as planned, eat out, miss a meal, change a meal etc., all your weekly calories will adapt, and the changes be applied instantly to your tailored recipes.


This will keep you in the correct calorie deficit to achieve your goals and completely remove the stress and work of doing it all manually.


Do I need to exercise?

No, not if you don’t want to, and the results will be the same, so there is nothing to worry about.


Although exercise can be fun, rewarding and have a positive impact on health and fitness, it’s a calorie deficit that creates weight loss.


We will tailor your plan to suit you and the great thing is, if you decide to exercise later on, it’s dealt with at the touch of a button.


The plan evolves with you, so whether you decide to do lots of exercise or gradually plan it in, we take care of all the calories and recipes for you.

Is the Fine Diet suitable for marathon training?

Yes, no problem. We don’t offer specific nutrition advice for the day of the event, but because the plan evolves with your training, the calories will adjust accordingly to every meal.


This also means that, when you increase your training sessions, we will make sure we support that and tailor everything accordingly.


You have the option of changing your plan from WEIGHT LOSS to MAINTENANCE, which we would recommend you do to ensure optimum performance throughout your training.

Can I do my own training?

You can do any form of training you like.


The plan is tailored around you and your lifestyle and that includes the training you enjoy.


You can build your own exercise plan using our extensive library of training guidance videos or follow one of our pre-set circuits.


We also include loads of home workouts, which you can do with or without equipment.

I am injured, can I still use the Fine Diet?

At any time, you can stop training and the plan will adjust in line with your current energy demands to ensure you remain on target with your weight loss goals. You just need to ensure you remove any planned training from your diary.


When you are fully recovered you can then add exercise back into your plan and we will adjust everything for you.


Can I use the Fine Diet whilst I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, despite all our recipes being high in nutrient density and the fact the plan is tailored to the highest level, we cannot cater for pregnancy.


The safety of you and your baby is of the highest importance and, as there are so many varying circumstances surrounding pregnancy and you as an individual, it would be irresponsible of us to say we can provide you with EXACTLY what you need.


However, once your baby is born you can sign up and begin your journey.

How long does it last?

The plan starts and ends whenever you want it to.


Everyone has different goals, weight loss amounts and reasons for starting the Fine Diet and we don’t put a time frame on the process.


Once you sign up to the plan you can use it for as long as you like.

Can I use my own calories on the Fine Diet?

Yes, no problem at all.


If you have already spent the time to work out your calories and are happy with your results, then you can bypass our enrolment phase.


All you would do is enter in your calories and we will tailor everything around that.


You will still benefit from all the features of the Fine Diet and should you need us to take you through the enrolment process at any stage and recalculate your calories we can do this very easily at no additional cost.

What is the age limit?

The plan is available for anyone aged between 18-70 years old.

Why should I trust Fine Dieting?

The Fine Diet has been designed and developed over 15 months by industry experts who have tested and trialled everything to the highest degree.


The team is made up of a registered dietitian, personal trainers and online health and fitness coaches who have been in the industry for many years.


After creating the Fine Diet we approached Jennifer Thawley, RD, who analysed the nutritional aspects of the plan. She has confirmed that the Fine Diet is a safe and effective long-term weight loss solution for the adult general public (aged over 18 to 70 years) and agrees with its use as a commercial diet, therby endorsing and giving her professional approval for its release.


The plan was born out of passion and a desire to make weight loss, health and nutrition as simple and effective as possible for the long-term and we are extremely proud of that.


We are completely transparent in our approach and, therefore, always display the information within the plan, be that the calories for each meal/for the week to the nutritional/cooking advice contained within our masterclass area.

How much does the Fine Diet cost?

There are three options to choose from.


Monthly subscription, costing £19.99 pm

3-month subscription, costing £39.99 every 3 months

Annual saver, costing £149.99 pa


Is there a discount for multiple purchases?

As the Fine Diet is tailored to each individual person we do not currently offer a couples/friends discount.

I have type 1 or 2 diabetes, can I run the plan?

At the Fine Diet we have many years’ experience in helping clients who have either type 1 or 2 diabetes and, although we cannot, of course, cure these conditions, we have seen many cases of improvements in the underlying effects.


In addition to advice from your GP or specialist on therapies and medications, ensuring you have a healthy diet is very beneficial for managing type 1 and 2 diabetes. A diet suitable for someone with diabetes should be designed to provide maximum nutrition, while limiting the glycaemic load of sugars/carbohydrates and sodium, which is very much in line with our philosophy. However, there is no single universal diabetes diet, so we always advise our clients to continuously review how you are feeling and how your body has reacted to the dietary structure and get advice from your GP. It is also key that you continue to monitor your blood sugar levels, or you could suffer adverse health effects and complications, and this will need to be carried out as often as required in your case by your doctor.


Based upon the amazing results we have seen from previous experience, we do believe following the Fine Diet can help mitigate the difficulties and side effects of diabetes, keep your health free from complications and make you feel amazing.


Once you sign up to the Fine Diet and receive your plan, please do consult with your GP or doctor to ensure they are 100% satisfied it is suitable for you and, if they raise any concerns and you would like to speak to us about them, please do get in touch.

Can I run the plan alongside another diet?

Yes #itsfine!  Although we recommend using our recipes as they not only taste amazing but are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, if you want to use any of your own recipes alongside it you can.


We completely appreciate that moving from a diet you have used for so long can be daunting and are more than happy to support you through the transition.


That said, if you wanted to continue your current diet (i.e. Slimming World or Weight Watchers) and make use of all the features in the Fine Diet, including being in a calorie-controlled environment, then you go for it.

What do you get each month?

As part of your ongoing monthly subscription, each month you get loads of new recipes, training guides, exercise plans, masterclass videos and continued access to all the fantastic features contained within the Fine Diet.

When will the Fine Diet be released?

Currently the app is going through its final beta testing phase and should hopefully be available in December 2018.


To stay up to date with all information regarding the release of the Fine Diet, and to receive exclusive guidance on the best and most effective ways of losing weight, eating only what you enjoy, sign up to our FREE weight loss guide.

How will I receive the Fine Diet?

The Fine Diet plan will be available as a FREE download within the app store and google play.


You then subscribe to the plan monthly or annually.


It will be available on all devices including android and tablets.

MyFitnessPal vs the Fine Diet

MyFitnessPal is not a diet/plan, it allocates calories to you based on a generic formula. 
The Fine Diet is a tailored weight loss plan, which offers you a refreshing, flexible approach to dieting using weekly calories.
MyFitnessPal offers an inflexible approach using daily calories and can be initially very complicated to use. 
The Fine Diet comes with pioneering technology through its adaptive calories function, which, in real-time, adjusts your recipes and calorie allowance in line with your eating habits and training schedule.
With MyFitnessPal tailored recipes are not provided, and training is created manually and used against the day you are on only.
We provide you with hundreds of nutrient dense, delicious cook along recipes and snacks and ensure the process of planning and prepping is simple and easy.  The same is true with our pre-set training plans and exercise system, which includes hundreds of videos for you to tailor to your needs.
There isn’t any specific education or support on offer with MyFitnessPal and the planning process is very time consuming. 
We offer a community area providing support and education from our registered dietitian and chef, through masterclass videos.

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