Who are we?

We want to help as many of you as possible lose weight, the correct, healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way, with NO restrictions whatsoever.




Come and take a look at our journey and find out how the Fine Diet Plan® got created...

How we discovered that you can lose weight eating anything you want...

Let us start by introducing our founder Ben Smith, who through his own weight loss journey, had a vision and turned it into a reality.

Back in 2012, at almost 21 stone, Ben decided, for the good of his health and family, that he had to lose weight.

Being qualified in nutrition and as a personal trainer, he decided not to follow any of the existing commercial diets out there at the time and instead create his own eating plan.

Ben had a strong interest in biology and science and, because of that, decided to research everything and anything he could get his hands on regarding calories and macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins).

After several months of doing this, trialling things on himself and seeing how his body responded, he developed a menu and training plan.

Through trial and error, he was able to determine his maintenance calorie figure (the amount you need to remain at your current weight) and, in turn, work out a small deficit in order to lose body fat. Ben always wanted to eat as much food as possible to ensure he didn’t get hungry as he had a big appetite.

All his recipes, however, were designed around specific carb and fat ratios. He was under the impression that his body seemed to thrive in a high fat, lower carbohydrate environment when at rest and then a much higher carbohydrate and lower fat one after training.

Ben spent 6 months of his life eating in this way, training 6 days a week for 90 mins a day and never going out for a meal and socialising.

By the end of this period Ben had lost 10 stone! But, was he happy? Did he feel comfortable moving forwards? Not at all.

Anxiety set in immediately as he didn't feel comfortable long term sustaining his method. As you can imagine, living his life like this moving forward would never have been sustainable or enjoyable and he was left with a terrible relationship towards food.

Months went by where Ben muddled through things, craving the foods he enjoyed, bingeing on them when he got the opportunity and basically started to go backwards quickly.

Before he knew it, 15 months had gone by and he was back being morbidly obese, this time almost at 22 stone! What on earth had gone so wrong?

Ben was at a stage where he was chronically ill. He had terrible mobility, injuries, breathing problems, skin sores and was virtually type 2 diabetic.

He had to fix the problem, not suppress it like last time, permanently fix it. The problem was clear and simple. Ben suffered from emotional and binge eating disorders and following a restrictive diet, where there was no flexibility, was never going to work.

Now, this is where its gets really exciting for us. Ben said to himself “what if”, what if he could keep within his personal calorie allowance for the week and then eat whatever he wanted? Anytime of day. Any combination of ingredients, all in line with his palate and lifestyle. Eat out at his favourite restaurants and enjoy socialising without the fear of putting on weight.

So that’s what he did! Ben decided that he wanted to have some accountability for his actions and had the entire 6-month process documented from start to finish. He wanted to record both the physical and emotional results as he went through the journey.

Not only was he going to eat only the foods he enjoyed but, due to requiring a few operations, Ben had to go through the process doing nowhere near the amount of exercise as before and at a fraction of the intensity.

This had failure written all over it as he started the process, but, wow, was he wrong!

During the 6 months Ben ate out over 20 times. Completed just 14 gym sessions. He ate all his favourite meals, in line with the same calories as before, but with zero restriction. This meant his meals were packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, all of which he missed out on last time due to the rigid structure of the meals. Ben discovered stunning vegan meals, food combinations he had never experienced before and complete satisfaction, day in, day out.

And guess what, he lost all the weight in the EXACT time frame as before.

It made Ben realise that you can work within a weekly calorie range, eat whatever you wanted and lose body fat at the exact same speed!

More importantly, Ben had totally reprogrammed his mind, been sensitive to his own eating disorder and, as a result of that, cured himself of this terrible disorder.

This way of eating completely transformed Ben's life as well as his families.

Having sustained these results now long term with ease, Ben is passionate about helping others to do the same.

This story is what inspired us to do what we do today and that we want everyone to know #itsfine® to eat what you love when on a diet!


Showing off the food and getting the message out there.

Fine Dieting® was created with the help of our chef, who looks after the Fine Diet Kitchen®. We wanted to showcase the never-ending list of delicious meals that can be enjoyed whilst dieting, and encourage as many people as possible to try them within a weekly calorie-controlled environment.

The food that you eat should be enjoyable, and the process of cooking fun and exciting. 


We love to celebrate food for what it is and what it should be about – enjoyment!

Once you realise #itsfine® to eat what you enjoy, what you really want, dieting becomes so much easier and you start achieving your goals and be able to sustain them forever.

Come check us out @Finedieting on Instagram and see what's on the menu.

A world's first and we can't wait for you to experience a brand-new way to diet.

It was obvious to Ben what now needed to happen.

He wanted to create something helpful that would, once and for all, give someone looking to lose weight every single tool they needed.

Just simply saying you need to eat less isn’t helpful and is not going to be enough to get you the results you deserve.

Being supported and guided through the process of discovering how many calories you really need to lose weight is the first important step, that’s where it all started for Ben, and it’s the same for everyone. An honest, transparent approach that provides you with all the facts and information along the way, all in the palm of your hand.


The Fine Diet® had to be created, We couldn’t let the moment slip past and, with the help of our wonderful team of experts who shared the same excitement and passion about dieting, food, exercise and helping other people achieve their goals, we got cracking.

We made sure there was complete flexibility with what you wanted to eat and how you wanted to exercise, allowing you to plan, learn and understand everything you need about your body, cooking food, nutrition and dieting the correct way. A diet focussed on you and your goals, letting you monitor and celebrate your successes no matter what they are. Advanced technology that allows you to change your mind with your food and training choices at any time and then adapting everything around you instantly. No worry, no stress, no guilt and no problem.  

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