You have heard it many times before – planning and preparation are key to a successful diet and, while that may be true, it doesn’t have to concern you.

The fine diet weight loss plan takes all of that responsibility away from you and makes the process as easy as possible.


Use our world’s first swaps feature and unlock millions of recipe possibilities.

At the touch of a button you can transform any meal instantly, taking care of any allergy, intolerance or fussy eater.

Why not get creative? Change recipes and we will take care of the calories for you.

Shopping List

Once all your meals are planned, you can produce your shopping list at the touch of a button.

Everything is taken care of to make the process as stress free as possible.

You can even add your own items to the list so that you can still enjoy your favourite foods.

With the fine diet plan there is no such thing as a cheat meal, and we want you to feel completely at ease and comfortable with that.

We give you the ability to add in ANY food to your diet plan that you wish and we will take care of your calorie adjustment for the rest of the week.

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