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We take away ALL the hard work and discover the correct number of calories you need to achieve your weight loss goals whilst eating the foods you enjoy the most guilt free.

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"I want to lose weight and need help, but don't know where to start."



"I have experienced short term success but unable to sustain the results."



"I am achieving my goals and understand my calories, but want more from a diet plan."


Start your 2019 transformation today!

Enter into a world of flexible dieting, with zero restriction, whereby you can finally achieve all your weight loss goals.

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There are lots of people who put off starting a diet because they are confused about how to get started.

Losing weight can seem confusing and very daunting, but we can help and support you through the entire process and ensure that you achieve your weight loss goals.

We offer a refreshing, flexible approach to dieting that says goodbye to restricting the foods you love and also fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

With help and professional guidance, at the touch of a button, from our chef and registered dietitian, you will learn everything you need to feel comfortable moving forwards and maintain your results long term.

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The Fine Diet Plan® offers a completely flexible and unrestricted approach to weight loss, where we say #itsfine® to eat the foods you love.

Going from one fad diet to the next and experiencing short-term success isn’t the answer to long-term health and happiness.

You should never feel guilty about eating the foods you enjoy and socialising with friends and family.

To get the results you want and achieve your targets requires an enjoyable and sustainable diet.

Enjoy hundreds of adaptable, tailored recipes and all the tools you need to keep you on track and achieving your goals.

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The Fine Diet Plan® comes with world’s first, pioneering technology, that takes your ongoing health and fitness journey to a whole new level!

If you want to enhance your progress and try something new, the app instantly manipulates your tailored calories when adding in exercise and food, to keep you within your weekly allowance.

Explore our challenging workout videos or build your own bespoke training plans to get you in the shape of your life.

The Fine Diet Plan® also supports those that know their own calories and want to use them for both maintaining and losing weight, through a fresh, new weekly approach that comes with limitless flexibility.

Boost your nutritional knowledge and cookery skills through our masterclass section and learn from a registered dietitian and qualified chef.

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